The ‘We Are The Ones’ Music Project is a collaboration between INDIGO CLAN Writer Ry-EL Nagasta (SOLAR SEED), Grammy-award-winning producer/engineer Jabari Tawiah (Barz Makes Bangers), and seasoned vocalist/songwriter Juno Brown. After working together on other music projects, Jabari and Ry-El came up with the idea to make music to go along with the INDIGO CLAN Comic Book. As they were producing the music based on concepts from the comic, the question came up about who would be the vocalist in the role of Deva, the main character from the comic book. They immediately hit up Juno Brown, knowing that she was experienced, professional, and most importantly, familiar with the concepts.

The end result of this magical collaboration is the ‘We Are the Ones’ Music Project, a four song EP.

‘Time’s Up’ is a call to action with a cutting edge TRAP-DUBSTEP-HIPHOP sound.

‘DNAncestors’ is an ode to the ancestors that sounds like AFROHOUSE-HIPHOP.

‘StarSeed’ is a mind expanding soliloquy over a SPACEBASS-TRIBAL-HIPHOP instrumental.

‘First Eye’ is an empowering, feel good, MELODIC-BASS-HOP composition that is sure to raise your vibration.

Preview the music below. You can purchase it below. Thank you for your support.

INDIGO CLAN - "Ma'at March" Music Video

Ma’at March is a collaboration between INDIGO CLAN creator Ry-El Nagasta and MxT founder of Ancestral Alchemy Academy, a sovereign forest freedom school. MxT wrote the lyrics to Ma’at March as a way to memorize the 42 Laws of Ma’at, an ancient Egyptian guide to living in harmony with the universe. Ry-El and MxT co-produced the instrumental for the lyrics, making an melodic Afro-HipHop beat.

INDIGO CLAN - "Times Up" Music Video Slideshow

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