A teenage black girl from Oakland, CA. She has naturally developed occult, psychic, and extrasensory perceptions, and she is recognized as a prodigy by the INDIGO CLAN.


A member of the INDIGO CLAN, a young man from Brazil. He channels ArchAngels and Neteru, as well as being trained in Capoeira and the Condomblé spiritual system.


A member of the INDIGO CLAN, a young woman from the middle east, who has been trained in various Asian martial arts and mystic arts. She has two spirit dragons that assist her.


A Native American/ Mayan medicine woman who is a leader of the INDIGO CLAN. She searches for and recruits new members of the INDIGO CLAN.


A mysterious Cuban member of the INDIGO CLAN who prefers to work on his own and shows up when and where he wants to.


Enemies of the INDIGO CLAN, Reptoids are humans who have been possessed by a reptilian/archon entity. They maintain control over the world governments, and pursue their agenda through technological and economic manipulation.


A member of STAR-Ops, Supernatural Trackers Of Arcane Recon Operations, a government funded group who hunt and capture Indigos. Koa is of Samoan descent who makes his debut in Chapter 2.