The INDIGO CLAN graphic novel is about a group of metaphysical warriors who are fighting for a planetary spiritual evolution. It is one component of a multimedia-experience that represents a cultural paradigm shift towards that of mystic spirituality, metaphysics, and world indigenous wisdom. This movement has been coined “Indigo Warrior Culture.”

Indigo Warrior Culture is a revolutionary, inclusionary, conscious-raising metaphysical cultural movement that is based on indigenous world unity and multicultural global community. It is an evolution of the Indigo Children movement and the Spiritual / Sacred Warrior culture. Indigo Children have now grown up and are “Indigo Warriors,” who are on a spiritual and political path of liberation, sovereignty, and social justice.

Through this lense, the characters and storylines of INDIGO CLAN seek to help people understand we are all connected, and not insignificant or alone. The message is loud and clear- when we unify, we evolve our collective consciousness, and are empowered to be change-makers by simply discovering and living out our own life purpose.

The series is based on the real life experiences of the creator, Ry-El Nagasta, and on the concept that there are certain people we encounter in our life that are meaningful and significant, and are a part of our journey to pursue our life’s purpose. It is through the lessons and experiences that we have with those people with whom we have “spiritual crystalline connections”, which are the basis for our “clans” throughout our lives. These clans are what help us to find and do our “Soul Work”, and heal the traumas of our past, present and future lives. They strengthen us and push us towards our destined paths.

The idea for INDIGO CLAN came over a period of several years as Ry-El was doing his own research on the mystic arts, martial arts, various world indigenous practices, and other tools, practice, knowledge, and sacraments of spiritual systems from around the world. As he was exploring the various topics, he found himself formulating a story that incorporated this diverse range of spiritual practices, esoteric information, and multicultural perspectives. As he began to look around for forms of media that were talking about spirituality in an empowering way, he saw that accurate information was hard to come by. He also took notice that, to no surprise, there was very little representation of people of color in the entertainment media.

With INDIGO CLAN, the accompanying mutli-media components, and the formation of Indigo Warrior Culture, Ry-El is telling the story of paradigm shift from the present into the future- and it is global, diverse, spiritual and cosmic!

This is Ry-El’s path of purpose. What’s yours?

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