Indigo Clan
Spiritual Warriors on a
Metaphysical Mission

The Story

INDIGO CLAN is an 11 chapter story about a teenage girl with mystic powers named Deva who is initiated into the INDIGO CLAN in their quest to activate the world grid, in order to facilitate raising humanity’s consciousness into the 5th dimension. The INDIGO CLAN must be clandestine in their efforts, as the Reptoids (humans possessed by reptilian demons who have taken over the governments of the world) try to stop them.

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About the Creation

Ry-El Nagasta started to channel the story of INDIGO CLAN while living in Oakland, CA after more than a decade of research and experiences with esoteric, spiritual, and shamanic concepts. He felt a need to represent p.o.c. in comic books, and give readers what he considers accurate and empowering information regarding these concepts, in an entertaining format. Once he started writing he felt that the story started to write itself.

Multimedia Creations

The INDIGO CLAN graphic novel represents a whole culture coined Indigo Warrior Culture, and INDIGO CLAN is a Multimedia Experience that includes music and music videos based on the characters and concepts in the graphic novel. Also in the works for the Multimedia Experience is animation of the graphic novel and 3D animation.

Immerse yourself in the Indigo Warrior Culture, and experience the INDIGO CLAN Multimedia project. Listen to the music, watch the videos, and check out the Manual. Be sure to sign up on the mailing list to receive updates about upcoming multimedia projects!