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    Indigo Clan is an eleven chapter contemporary story about Deva, a young teenage black girl from Oakland, CA, who has mystic powers. Deva is initiated into the INDIGO CLAN, a mysterious group of spiritual warriors. She teams up with Horacio, a young Brazilian capoeirista who has been trained by ArchAngels and channels their powers, and Oyana, a young Middle Eastern woman who is skilled in various mystical martial arts and has a pair of dragon spirits that assist her. Horacio, Oyana and Deva embark on a quest to open the Sacred Light Dome Portals on the geometric World Grid in order to activate the kundalini energy spiral of the earth, thereby raising the conscious awareness of the planet beyond the 3rd dimension. Along the way they find and help Indigo Children, which are children that have a natural inclination for mystic abilities, and add new members to the CLAN. The INDIGO CLAN must be clandestine in their efforts, because the governments of the world have been secretly taken over by the Reptoids, which are humans that have a reptilian spirit-entity possessing them. In order to sustain their power paradigm, the Reptoids must maintain control of human consciousness and awareness, so they use technology and political/economic manipulation to suppress the spiritual ascension of humanity. The Reptoids also search for Indigo Children so they can implant microchips in their brain to control the Indigo Children’s abilities.

    Deva, Horacio, and Oyana meet other members of the INDIGO CLAN who aid them and instruct them about advanced esoteric, occult, and astral abilities and awareness. They also encounter Sethivis, a former INDIGO CLAN member who became possessed by demons and turned against the Clan in his quest for power, and who now aids the Reptoids by searching for the INDIGO CLAN. Deva, Horacio, and Oyana find themselves playing an important role in a massive spiritual war between Dragons and Reptoids, between ArchAngels and Fallen Angels, and between Nature and Technology as they journey the world, through past lives and ancestral lives, and through various dimensions of the astral plane. The story ends with an intense multidimensional battle, with the INDIGO CLAN activating the world grid, which causes an increasing number of humans to see the illusions propagated by the Reptoids, which disrupts the power paradigm the Reptoids have over the planet.


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